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FUNKTAXI-UPSLAPZONE Konzertparty 20/5/98

liveacts: JOY RECIPE, Jamhouse
wann: Mittwoch, 20. 5. 1998, 21 Uhr
wo: Cafe Stockwerk, Jakominiplatz 18/I, Graz

You want a ride, huh? You're feeling bored or stressed or just wanna have some good time? Well, maybe time to sign in for the FUNKTAXI-UPSLAPZONE. Get a hell of a ride, but watch out: You're gonna put yourself in risk of gettin' yer mind upslap-ed. The FUNKTAXI-UPSLAPZONE is a line created by musicians who blew the 'pop-music' business. The always existent thought of competition in favour of the traveller's pleasure and underlying thought is to reduce one's selfrealization to the essence, the core, the heart beat, the groove. Colour, provenance, age, sex or popularity are without any importance, but the groove is.....funk, jazz, reggae, hip-hop or synthetic music - it grooves, check in!

contact: mohoga werkstatt,
moserhofgasse 51,
8010 graz

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