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... the musicians

Marko (Vox,Perc):

Former model of bodypainting artist Dave Kranz and HIP-HOP-FUNK-ROCK-SINGER with his bands "Good 4 Nothing" and "Joy Recipe". Responsible 4 singing, swinging, fun and coming late 4 rehearsals.

Sassi (Bass, Vox):

Is going to be a bass player 4 a living. Proof of a non supernumery bass player in a rock band, Watch your fingers at feeding time (he likes it raw).

Ritchie (git, voc, perc):

Hardly speaking, almost vegetarian, strange guy. Cool guitar licks and pretty unusual guitar noises.

Norbs (dr, voc, perc):

Our new drummer and youngest member of G4N yet. Brings a more subtile groove into the band´s sound than our old beatmachine Arnd.

.... some funky concerts

Styrian Band Competition (winner ´96)
Support of TOTO and STS (Open Air, Kapfenberg)
Egersdorfer Rock-Festival
Kulturhauskeller (Graz)
New Rock Festival (Weiz).

..... Our CD


contains 13 Songs ranging from Grooving Fun/Funk to splattering Metal and Jazz/Fusion influenced tunes.

...... Our Video

Chainsaw Song

3´20" CD-Tune, ORF Production. Soon here too !

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